Privacy Policy - PP - GDPR 2018

The right to privacy is a fundamental right within the EU. While this right is essential to all our freedom we must recognise that in our digitally highly connected world we all have an ever growing responsibility and obligation to protect this right. We all must take all reasonable precautions to protect our use of digital media.

This Privacy Policy explains what and how we may collect personal information and how we use it.

This privacy policy only relates to natural persons resident with in the EU by law. We apply this policy, however, to all users.

  1. About Us

    1. In this Privacy Policy, the references to “we” or “us” are to sds-i ltd , a company incorporated in England and Wales (registered number 6230854) with the registered offices at 35 Wood Vale, London SE23 3DS, England who is the data controller.
    2. If you have any questions about your personal information, please click on “Contact” and send a message to the webmaster.
  2. Use of the Website

    1. This Privacy Policy applies only to the use of this Website. Partners who provide their own services or other, third-party websites and companies found through out-links from this Website or through contact details found here maintain their own privacy policies and may also gather information when you link-through to their websites. You need to consult the privacy policies as appropriate and applicable on those websites and establishments.
  3. Information Collection

    1. When you access this Website for any reason including browsing and through any device we may collect, store and process certain data in line with this policy. Some of this information may be personal data. We may also ask you for personal information when you report a problem with the Website, Services and/or Content.
    2. When you login to this Website including reporting through our contact page our automated system will ask you to confirm your consent by clicking the relevant confirmation button, entering a tick or equivalent. Cookie Policy and T&C have their own independent consent processes.
    3. When you register on the Website, we ask for a name and an email address. You may use a nick name for the account and profile. You have the option to enter a physical address in more or less detail and some other information for your personal benefit on a voluntary basis (ie. not required). If you contact us, we may also keep a record of that correspondence. If you contact other members through this Website no records of those messages or emails are stored by us.
    4. When you enter an address as described above the public display will be on a map to a low resolution without the option to pinpointing the location to street level.
    5. We may also collect data relating to Website visits in log-files for security and error correction purposes for up to 4 months.
    6. IP addresses will be anonymised after shorter periods not exceeding 1 week.
  4. How we use the Information

    1. When you access this Website for any reason by any device the login information is used to verify your account ID and to:
      1. provide, maintain and protect the connection between you and this Website;
      2. provide you with a personalised browsing experience when using this Website, like choice of language if applicable, give access to content according to your role/status;
      3. fulfil any contractual agreements between you and us;
      4. allocate rewards to your account;
      5. time-out access if you are not active for prolonged periods;
      6. identify security breaches within this Website;
      7. prevent harassment or bulling of members;
      8. prevent data theft, fake news and other illicit activities;
      9. inform members if consent has been given or in certain legally required circumstances by default;
      10. to comply with legal and regulatory requirements;
    2. We may use your email address to send you updates about our Services and legal notices.
  5. Storage of Information

    1. All data is stored on secure servers in the UK provided by third parties und contract and compliant under GDPR.
    2. When you register you have to choose a secure password. The registration page will indicate the security level of passwords. It is your responsibility to keep login details and passwords safe, not to share it with others, not use it on multiple sides, not to store it without due care and not to send it in a digital format.
    3. We will not see or extract your password stored under sha512 encryption. You can ask for a new password on the login page and the system will send you a link where you can creat a new password. We will never send you a new password or ask for it.
    4. We make no distinction in our data protection between EU and non-EU residents and we will strive to use best practice across different jurisdictions as much as possible.
  6. Legal Basis for Data Collection & Processing

    1. The legal basis for collecting, storing and processing personal data depends on the circumstances and reasons the data is required. We will collect the minimal amount of data required for the specific purpose and explain what these purposes are. Where ever required and possible we will get your consent first. There are circumstances when this may not be possible or required including:
      1. We may have to collect personal data to perform a contract with you, or
      2. We may have a legitimate interests which are not in conflict with your rights.
      3. In certain situations we have legal obligations to collect personal information.
    2. If we have to collect personal information due to a legal requirement or to fulfill a contract with you, we will make this clear at the relevant time. We will explain which of the personal information is legally required and to what extent. We will also explain any consequences if you wish not to provide the required information. This Website will show with an “*” and/or a text label like "Required - " and/or other, additional information which data is required. If required data is not provided most of these forms will not allow completion and this Website will not be able to supply the service you are requesting.
    3. When you volunteer personal data in optional fields, ie. fields that do not require to be filled in, you are consenting to the use and publication of this data on this Website in contact forms, including Pledges (Spondeos), Project and Need forms.
  7. Disclosure of Personal Information

    1. We may need to disclose personal data to third parties and if legally permitted including:
      1. Based on your consent;
      2. to our suppliers for their part in our contractual agreements with you, including:
        • other members of this Website;
        • service providers for customer relationship management (like personal email and other communications sent to you);
        • our suppliers of file storage and management services if you email us directly;
        • our cloud hosting and general storage provider;
        • our providers of customer service software if you contact us directly;
      3. These providers may receive your personal data solely for storage and processing under contract excluding the use of your personal data for any other purpose. We will make sure they provide us with contracts under GDPR and are registered accordingly.
    2.  Should we have to disclose any information about this Website in our normal business to any third party we will get their agreement to commercial confidentiality and to comply to the terms of this Privacy Policy.
    3. Should we have to disclose or share personal information required by law, to enforce or apply our legal rights and/or our Terms & Conditions and/or other agreements; or in protection of the rights, of our users, this Privacy Policy shall apply. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organisations for the purposes of fraud protection and credit risk reduction.
  8. Data Retention

    1. We will store personal information for the statutory periods. In the UK these currently end after four full calendar years following the closure of the final transaction. Any other legal requirement from our normal business will be considered as and when required.
    2. The personal information in user accounts will be stored for as long as an account is active and may be retained on closure of the account for the periods defined under 8.1.
    3. When we have no ongoing legitimate need to process your personal information, we will either delete or anonymise it and/or, if this is not possible (for example, because your personal information has been stored in backup archives), then we will securely store your personal information and isolate it from any further processing until deletion is possible.
  9. Your Rights

    1. You have the following data protection rights:
      1. to be informed about the collection, storage and processing of your personal data.
      2. You will find the details in this Privacy Policy and we will refer to this at the points where we collect data from you.
      3. The right to access the information we are storing. You can edit your personal details on your account and your profile page at any time. We may use reminders to help you to keep your personal information correct and up-to-date. Should we use messages or emails to keep you informed you will have the choice to select them in the first place and later to deselect them. The only emails/messages you cannot deselect are reminders about changes to this policy, our T&Cs and other legally required updates.
      4. In addition you may contact us to find out whether or not and if so what other personal data we may store about you.
      5. We expect that you contact us electronically via this Website through the "Contact" page. You may write to us and you can ask for a voice response if we can verify your ID sufficiently.
      6. Updating and rectification of your personal data. - In the first instance it will be up to you to keep your personal information up-to-date and correct via your access to your account and profile.
      7. The right to deletion of your personal data in case you want to close your account or any other data we may hold and the need to do so has expired.
      8. The right to data portability applies in case we hold large amount of complex personal data. Normally this is not the case on our Website. Contributions to this Website are not personal data and are subject to copyright and/or other legal contracts.
      9. The right to object to processing of personal data. Just inform us of your objection via the "Contact" page on this Website.
      10. The right of restriction of your personal data. Just inform us of your objection via the "Contact" page on this Website.
      11. In relation to automated decision making, including profiling you may inform us of any concerns, ask for the details of the process, ask for personal review of any such a decision and correction were required.
      12. The right to have response from us without undue delay. Normally we would respond with 7 working days.
      13. We have the right to refuse any unjustified request under the GDPR with an explanation within one month.
      14. All reasonable request will be answered free of charge.
      15. We are registered with the relevant GDPR authority in the UK which you can contact here -  in case you need to make a complaint.
      16. You may also refer to the relevant authority in your own GDPR member state country listed here.
  10. Children

    1. Children have no access to this Website. Therefore, we do not collect knowingly personal data from individuals under the age of 18 years. This Website is directed to user of at least of 18 (eighteen) years of age. If you are under the age of 18 (eighteen) years do not access this Website at any time or in any way. Any personal data of persons under the age of 18 (eighteen) years will be removed.
  11. Use of Cookies

    1. This Website uses cookies and their use is explained in our Cookie Policy to which you need to agree separately. Cookies are small files stored on your computer’s hard drive. Some cookies may collect personal information and the details are explained in our Cookie Policy.
    2. We only collect cookies to:
      1. improve security for our users and this Website;
      2. give you a smooth and efficient user experience;
      3. to collect your consent to our policies for Privacy, the use of Cookies and our Terms and Conditions.
      4. We do not exploit the cookies and any information they may provide for commercial use by selling them to third-parties and we do not share the data for any other reason unless we explain those in the relevant documents and by prior announcement on this Website.
    3. Our Cookie Policy describes how you can opt out of the use of cookies, where to find information and what limitations there could be in using this Website.
  12. Links to external Websites

    1. Links in this Website may take you to other, third-party websites, which are not endorsed by this Website. Those other websites are independent of this Website and are subject to their on Privacy Policies. The providers of these websites and the host location may be outside of the EU and the wider area where the GDPR applies. You need to check their relevant Privacy Policies. Organisations located outside of the GDPR zone (EU plus certain states) offering services to EU residents have to comply with the regulation of personal data protection (GDPR).
  13. Updating this Privacy Policy

    1. This Privacy Policy will be updated as and when legally required and/or required by changes to this Website.
    2. When this policy is updated you will be asked to consent again. We may or may not send additional information to individual members.
    3. The Privacy Policy will show the date of the latest update at the bottom of the page. Previous versions will be stored.
  14. Contacting us

    1. Should you need to get in touch with us for any query, comment or complaint we recommend our contact form under “Contact” as the most efficient way.

You may also write to the Data Controller:

sds-i ltd
35 Wood Vale,
London SE23 3DS,

Privacy Policy - PP

Updated on 02 June 2020.